Home (not so) sweet home.

Good afternoon, you.

I am now back in the lovely England. However, it is a sad state of affairs, because Vienna was simply stunning. The architecture, the weather, the people, everything. It truly was a trip of a lifetime, and possibly the most fun i’ve had in a long time.

So, i didn’t really report back on yesterday so much. We had our photo safari. We were all given a working model of the brand new Olympus PEN E-P3, and sent on a tour of Vienna. I truly love this camera now, and i definitely want one. Doubt i’ll ever be able to justify the price tag as a second camera though, but thats another rant altogether.

I managed to get some good pictures, i think, and generally had an awesome time. The hotel was incredible, the food was very very good. But the people i met and managed to hang out with for 2 days made the trip what it was. Journalists from all over the country, from different magazines and websites, all there for a good time getting to know the new camera.

Check out my hands-on preview of this camera here Photography for Beginners.

So i really owe a huge thanks to these people, as this was my first time experiencing this and they made it feel easy. Here they are, cheers guys!




To name but a few of course.

So yes, excellent trip, im sure you’re all suitably jealous. In the mean time, why not head on over to read my hands on preview of said camera, and generally check out the brand new site. While you’re doing that, i’ll work on getting some photos of Vienna up here to accompany all this dreary text.



Vienna awaits.

Good morning, you.

Well the title sounds a little more exciting than it is at the moment. I am off to Vienna, but not until tomorrow. This is sort of a preamble to the real post, because im not sure when i will be able to actually update this.

So, I have been given the opportunity to visit Austria through work. I have been invited by a well known camera brand, but not sure why. I can only assume it is to present a new camera and get some buzz going in the industry.

I will be leaving sunny Bournemouth at 5:00am to make my way to Heathrow airport for an 8:00am flight. I will be in Vienna until the following evening, where i will be on my way home.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like i will have much time to explore the city alone, although i will do my best. There are so many sights to see in the city, namely the Schonbrunn Palace.

I have never been to Austria, in fact i have not been to much of Europe at all. I have also never travelled alone, so this could be eventful. As well as absolutely terrifying.