A cow goes…


Hello, you.

Just a quick post to show you all my new business cards that i have received from moo.com. They are only trial versions at the moment, and come with the advertisement along the base of the images.

However, this is because through the Digital Photographer forum, you are able to get them completely free when you have this printed on them. So i decided to use this as a dummy run. Let me tell you, i am very impressed. You can place any image you want on one side, and can have a number of different images for the set. You can then customise the other side quite a lot, and have what ever you want written there. This makes for a very custom business card, which allows you to showcase some of your work very easily to potential clients.

Anyway, on to the photo. You can’t see all of the photos, and you can’t make out the front too well, but you get the idea.




Top of the pile.

Good afternoon, you.

As you may have read, i went to Vienna recently on a trip with Olympus to preview the latest camera in their PEN range; the E-P3.

While i was out there, i was given the camera to play with for a day. This was done while out on a sight seeing style tour of the wonderful city. As a group we were instructed that this would turn in to a little competition, so we all set about trying to get the best photos we could.

Now the deadline for this little competition is tomorrow, and i have just sent off my 3 entries. So i am here to show you them. I took upwards of 300 photos using the E-P3, and these 3 seem to have landed themselves at the top of the pile. There are many more that i could happily enter, but i think these 3 are diverse and interesting enough to actually put me in with a shot of winning. After all, what sort of photographer would i be if i couldn’t at least place in the top 3 out of our 30 or so strong group.

So here is shot number 1.

It is a 5 shot panorama of the courtyard at the Spanish Riding School.

It’s not the best panorama. I could have been stood in a better place, and i could have probably covered more of the important bits.

2. This shot is of the Hofburg, using the PEN’s in built dramatic tone art filter.

Once again not the greatest shot in the world. I did love this art filter though, and found myself constantly jumping back to it throughout the day. As you’ll see in the next photo…

3. This is a shot of the Stephansdom (St.Peters Cathedral) in the centre of Vienna, taken from the opposite building.

I have blown the highlights a lot here, but again i’m not bothered really. I think it is an interesting shot and so have entered it in to the competition.

So there it is, my 3 choices. There were probably ‘safer’ shots to go for, but i’m not sure safe shots are going to stand out in a crowd.

I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. Probably.



Home (not so) sweet home.

Good afternoon, you.

I am now back in the lovely England. However, it is a sad state of affairs, because Vienna was simply stunning. The architecture, the weather, the people, everything. It truly was a trip of a lifetime, and possibly the most fun i’ve had in a long time.

So, i didn’t really report back on yesterday so much. We had our photo safari. We were all given a working model of the brand new Olympus PEN E-P3, and sent on a tour of Vienna. I truly love this camera now, and i definitely want one. Doubt i’ll ever be able to justify the price tag as a second camera though, but thats another rant altogether.

I managed to get some good pictures, i think, and generally had an awesome time. The hotel was incredible, the food was very very good. But the people i met and managed to hang out with for 2 days made the trip what it was. Journalists from all over the country, from different magazines and websites, all there for a good time getting to know the new camera.

Check out my hands-on preview of this camera here Photography for Beginners.

So i really owe a huge thanks to these people, as this was my first time experiencing this and they made it feel easy. Here they are, cheers guys!




To name but a few of course.

So yes, excellent trip, im sure you’re all suitably jealous. In the mean time, why not head on over to read my hands on preview of said camera, and generally check out the brand new site. While you’re doing that, i’ll work on getting some photos of Vienna up here to accompany all this dreary text.


The Raddisson.

Well hello, you.

I’m at the hotel here in Vienna, and have a spare moment to myself. This hotel, and room is incredible. I won’t spare you the details, but wow.

I haven’t had the chance to get out and take many photos, although that should change soon enough. I will look to update this post later tonight with some lovely pictures of the local area. The architecture here is some of the best i have ever seen, and that is everywhere, not just limited to big important buildings.

So watch this space i tell ya.

Here you go, just an example of the architecture. And believe me this one is just one of the many that surprise you as you walk around the narrow streets.


Camera…check. Tripod…check. To the beach!

Good morning you.

Decided to hit the beach a couple of days ago. I was out to get some specific photos, of which these are none of them. However i was testing out a new tripod – Redsnapper, and thought it would be good to get some HDR done.

This pier shot is ok, although im not happy with the sky. The wide angle meant i could get quite a bit f foreground detail in, as well as the expanse of the pier.

This second one is my favourite. These life guard towers are fairly new, and quite American if you ask me. I set up this shot to try and get a detailed sky, but thought the sand and lifeguard made for an interesting shot. I had to wait a while for him to stand still, and as soon as he did i pressed that shutter as fast as i could. Anyway, enjoy.

Both of these shots were processed in Photomatix Pro, and were shot with a Nikon D7000 + Nikon 18-105mm lens.

I’ll try to pop up a review of the tripod at some point. Spoiler alert…it’s excellent.

For more shots, visit HERE.