Strobist work

Well as you may have seen, i’ve just got all of this lovely equipment which allows me to experiment with some strobist shooting. So taking photos with off camera flash.

I’ve not had many opportunities yet, but here are two photos that i have taken with the setup. Now getting this sort of shot right with a manual flash and manual exposure is more difficult than you’d think, but with a little time it can be very rewarding.

This first photo is actually of myself. I was out shooting with Danielle, and at her request i spent a few minutes on the other side of the lens. The camera was all set up and the light ready to go. All she had to do was press the button while pointing the camera at me. She did rather a good job if you ask me. The flash was to the left of the camera, about 10 feet from myself, shooting through my white umbrella.

Ignore my stupid posing, i was trying to not look like an idiot – and failing.

This second shot, believe it or not, was simply taken in my bedroom. I’d set the lights up, and just clicked away. So i’m fairly pleased with how this one turned out, as i wasn’t expecting anything great. The flash was at about an 80 degree angle to Danielle, shooting through the umbrella, getting just the right amount of catchlight in her eyes.

Off camera lighting really is an excellent thing, and should be tried by everyone. Hopefully these are just the first of many photos that i’ll be putting on here using this setup. Who knows, maybe i’ll even have a photo of someone different!



Motorcycle + Camera =

Good evening, you.

Well over the weekend i was mostly out and about on the bike, riding through the forest and generally enjoying the lovely weather we’ve been having.

Now i saw a photo recently that gave me this idea. So i thought i’d give it a go to see what i’d come out with.

This involved taking a photo while riding along, attempting to get the bike and scenery in the shot. I wanted to get the front of the bike in focus, nice and sharp, but with the scenery flying past. This may sound easy, but it really is not.

First problem, you can’t take a photo while riding a motorbike. Well, i’m sure you could, but i’m also sure it wouldn’t be safe. Therefore i needed some help. Enter a passenger.

Now what i decided to do was put the camera around my neck, set up the lens and settings that i thought i would need, and set off.

I set the lens nice and wide at 19mm. Placed the camera on manual and set the settings as follows – f3.5, 1/50sec, ISO800. This would allow a good depth of field, some movement from the surroundings, and enough sensitivity to allow for a bright shot.

The camera would hopefully be facing the right way, and all the passenger would need to do is reach around and press the shutter button. This was done a lot, as i told her to simply keep taking photos as we wouldn’t know what we got until we stopped.

This is something i want to try again, maybe at night with some lovely lights wizzing by. Could look nice, couldn’t it?

Anyway, here is the favourite of the bunch. It is mostly sharp and in focus, with some nice interest from the sun coming in from the side.

Now i’d advise you do not try this yourself. It was perfectly safe in the situation, but i cannot stress enough how dangerous just riding a bike is, so this sort of action should only be carried out by someone who knows what they are doing and if the conditions allow.

Enough of me, here is the shot. I shall look in to the others a bit more and maybe carry out some edits to see if i can find any other shots worth showing.


Winspit and friends.

Hello, you.

Well on Sunday I went out with a camera as usual. Big surprise right? Except this time I had company, which is unusual for me. My twin brother was visiting along with his girlfriend, and they suggested we went for a nice wonder in the Sunday sunshine. Of course I wasn’t going to let myself be the awkward third wheel, so I decided to bring along my own girl, the ever-cute Danielle (sorry, I know I am sad).

Right, the next dilemma was where to go. We had decided on the purbeck region, where I had visited alone a couple of weeks back. We made the journey in a brand spanking Fiat 500. Excellent little car, even if the engine cutting off when in traffic scared the hell out of me. Anyway we reached our destination without much hassle, and yet again we ended up at Worth Matravers, with a final destination of Winspit in our minds.

I didn’t mind coming back, because it is truly an amazing place.

For this little day out I hadn’t intended on taking too many photos, but for me that means keeping it down to about 200. I was able to take the D300s with the 90mm macro lens, perfect for some portraits.

However, the very first photo I managed to get was of this little guy. He was hitchhiking a ride on my tshirt, and was nice enough to pose for a photo. If I ever see him again I’ll get him a copy.

Actually, that was a lie I just told. Sorry. This was actually the first photo I took. It is my brother and his girlfriend making the long walk down towards the coast.

Once we got to our destination we began to explore the pitch black darkness of the caves. They go very deep, and I had to keep firing the flash of the camera to see where we were going. Some very interesting photos came out of this, plenty of blackness and out of focus faces.

Just so you get an idea of the place, even though I have shown it before, this is the main section of Winspit. Behind me are the caves, and some old ruins, but this is the view out to sea.

After much exploration, especially around the ruins, Paris decided to jump in to a hole and frankly allow me to produce the best photo I ever have. Honestly.

We continued to act like children and generally have some fun, until I found a lovely little beetle. This little guy saw me coming, and immediately buried his head in the ground. He decided to do this for a long time, and after lying in front of him for 5 minutes I decided to try and get his attention. I did this by simply tickling his back with a blade of grass. I don’t know if he was happy with this, but he looked at me and allowed me to get the shot I wanted of him, so thanks!

Me and Danielle then proceeded to the edge of the cliff where we could sit and watch the swimmers below. I didn’t get any photos of them, because they were a bit uninteresting, instead I got this amazing shot. Second place to Paris’ portrait in the best photos I have ever taken.

I retreated a few feet to try and get some more photos of Danielle, looking very beautiful as she always does. This is my favourite shot of her to date, even though it is nothing technically special (just look at those eyes!). There is something about unplanned, unposed, candid portraits that make them a little more special.

After a wonder around the surroundings and visiting the home of the largest bat in the country (of which we couldn’t actually see!) we set off for the car. It was in the final field of the walk that we came across a herd of cows blocking our way. This wouldn’t be so bad, but there were some very young calves, and very big bulls. So in the interest of staying out of trouble we walked a long way round them. I did get this portrait of the youngest calf though, who proceeded to follow us for a little!

Well this ended the days journey, exciting I know. I shall be back with more nonsense and generally bad photos soon enough, you just wait and see.



Good evening, you.

Well guess what. I barely used the D3s. Too busy, too tired, and a lack of inspiration. Oh and i lack any one else to take photos of. That is except this lovely stranger.

In spite of these draw backs, i managed to go for some lovely walks in the sunshine. Although these only ended up predictably on the beach. Where else am i going to go? Not that i really mind, because its very colourful down there.

Anyway, enough of my moaning, i do enough of that in real life.




Good morning, you.

Wow, what a weekend. Lots to tell, and lots I’ve probably already forgotten.

Right, on Friday I was able to borrow a lovely, and incredible, Nikon D3s. Not just any old camera, as you may know. Along with this, I borrowed an amazing Nikon 105mm Micro 2.8G lens. Again, excellent.

So Saturday was full of camera. Just wanted to get out there with this beast. I agreed to meet a friend who was almost willing to let me take some photos of her. Almost. After pointing this much equipment in her face for a few minutes she soon gave in and just let me carry on. I’m glad she did, because she is a gorgeous girl, and I think some of the photos turned out very well

Obviously she stole the camera from me a couple of times to try and humiliate me, so here is a quick shot of myself for good measure.

While out and about I tried to put the micro lens to good use, but it is a lot harder than I thought, especially as I wasn’t really prepared for any macro work. Anyway, managed a couple of ok shots. Not award winners, but keepers for the personal file.


Sunday was much the same in that I just wanted to be out with the camera.

There was a lot of fog around, although it was diminishing fast. I was chasing it along the coast really, trying to catch up so I could get a good shot. Here is a quick snap to show what I was trying to get to.

Unfortunately my legs just couldn’t go quick enough.

I took as good as no photos this day. There were a couple of nice bikes around, but again just shots for myself.

I did, however, have the pleasure of meeting a fellow photographer. His name was Josh, and he is a landscape photographer who is visiting the country from Australia. Our interaction was triggered by the age old Canon vs Nikon. He saw the beast, and I saw the red Canon strap, and it went from there. Now he didn’t want to admit it, but I’m pretty sure he agreed that Nikon were far superior, honest.

Anyway it was nice to have a genuine chat to someone about cameras and photography without feeling just a little bit sad. He handed me his business card, which directed me to his blog/website. Take a look –

Now it is Monday morning and the D3s is leaving my possession. Sad. Times.



Walking home from work last night, and i decided to follow the beach all the way. Came across this guy, sat quite plainly as far away from anyone else as physically possible, eating a sandwich. And you know what, he looked happy.

It takes a very confident guy to be this solitary in such a public place.

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