Canon 7D Review

Good evening, you.

Just a quick few thoughts on the latest camera i have been using. And you know what, i like this. The7D is the first Canon i have actually like. It is a vast improvement over the 5D mark II, and actually makes me think Canon could be as good as Nikon. Maybe.

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and a large amount of that has been along side it’s biggest rival – the Nikon D300s.

A large amount of what i hate about Canon DSLRs is that their button placement is not all that great, making simple controls difficult to adjust. Where as the 7D isn’t perfect, it is definitely a lot better.

It also feels a lot nicer in the hand, and some of the controls can now be reached using one hand. It is still irritating needing a second hand to turn the camera on, as well as needing to press two buttons to adjust the focus point. Speaking of which, the newer 19 point focusing system is a dramatic improvement over the old 5D’s. However, the focus point set up is still rather annoying, as i found myself wanting to get in to the corners of the frame, which i couldn’t.

The quality of the shots are excellent, as you’d expect. And i will have some test shots coming up soon from both the cameras and the recent air show.

As much as i do enjoy using this camera, i still can’t help but look at the D300s as a superior camera. It has more professional kit on it, and pulls its weight as a semi-pro camera. Where as the 7D just seems like a good camera, but not one i’d choose for any pro work.

So yea. As much as i don’t like some of this camera, it is the first Canon i have liked. And if you have spoken to me about cameras for more than 2 minutes you will know what a huge appraisal that is from myself.