Strobist work

Well as you may have seen, i’ve just got all of this lovely equipment which allows me to experiment with some strobist shooting. So taking photos with off camera flash.

I’ve not had many opportunities yet, but here are two photos that i have taken with the setup. Now getting this sort of shot right with a manual flash and manual exposure is more difficult than you’d think, but with a little time it can be very rewarding.

This first photo is actually of myself. I was out shooting with Danielle, and at her request i spent a few minutes on the other side of the lens. The camera was all set up and the light ready to go. All she had to do was press the button while pointing the camera at me. She did rather a good job if you ask me. The flash was to the left of the camera, about 10 feet from myself, shooting through my white umbrella.

Ignore my stupid posing, i was trying to not look like an idiot – and failing.

This second shot, believe it or not, was simply taken in my bedroom. I’d set the lights up, and just clicked away. So i’m fairly pleased with how this one turned out, as i wasn’t expecting anything great. The flash was at about an 80 degree angle to Danielle, shooting through the umbrella, getting just the right amount of catchlight in her eyes.

Off camera lighting really is an excellent thing, and should be tried by everyone. Hopefully these are just the first of many photos that i’ll be putting on here using this setup. Who knows, maybe i’ll even have a photo of someone different!



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