Macro, macro man!

Good morning, you.

It’s Monday morning again. Oh joy. I have had an excellent weekend, making this a very crushing blow.

Amongst other things, I was out with a nice big camera and a couple of lenses. Mainly, a macro lens. I have been using the Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro lens, and it is just as good as everyone says.

Now that’s out of the way, lets get down to the photos. I took more than I care to mention, because macro subjects generally don’t stay still. Even a slight bit of wind will blow a flower slightly out of focus, ruining the entire photo.

Although I was using a wide angle lens most of the day, the only keepers I got from my day on the south coast were these macros. I have always loved macro, but there is rarely much to photograph without much effort. Also I have never really had a macro lens for an extended period of time.

I did manage to stumble upon a wild reptile while out and about. A very small lizard of some kind, posing very neatly on a rock. Now animals of this kind are very rare here, so this was quite a treat. I had just about edged close enough and frame my photo when some passers by scared him off. Excellent.

So here is photo number one that I took. It is the first little butterfly I saw on my day that wasn’t miles away. This was as close as I dare get, as I was terrified of scaring it away. Especially considering it’s excellent colours.

I was fairly happy with this photo, so decided to move on and find some more. This second one was flying around all over the place, so I decided to stand still and wait for him to come to me. Which he did. Which was nice of him. I rewarded him with this excellent photo. His eye is looking directly in to the lens, a real poser. I will do my best to get it framed and sent out to him.

This final shot was taken on my way back to the car park. I wanted a bit more colour in my collection, and saw this lovely little thing fluttering about. My tactic of lazily standing still and waiting for it to come to me didn’t work this time. So off I go carefully treading through the bushes. I get as close as I dare and click away. This is probably my favourite of the bunch, because of the colour range and clarity. Would have been nice to get closer and have more detail though.


I posted about my weekend, all be it briefly, but neglected to tell you about the location. So here it is. I decided to take the ferry from Sandbanks over to Studland. A favourite place of mine for its quiet countryside and lovely roads.

I know the area well, so knew exactly where I wanted to go. I travelled past the picturesque beaches, even past Corfe Castle, waiting for the sign that read ‘Worth Matravers’. An oddly named village, but a well kept secret if you ask me.

Once in this village I parked up, and began the several mile walk through the fields to the location. This place is called Winspit. It is a collection of very deep caves which are situated half way up the cliff face. They go hundreds of metres deep, right in to the pitch black. It is always rather deserted, and only littered with the odd rock climber. A great place to just sit and watch the world go round.

Those of you who don’t like heights would have loved it here. Only a couple hundred feet to the nearest jagged rock.

Anyway, here is a small panorama from one side of this lovely place. It sort of shows what the area is like. You may also be able to make out the very small ruin of a house. I have no idea how old it is, but I imagine it would have been a great place to live.

I took a lot of photos while I was here, as I was trying to get some good HDR tones of the rocks. It didn’t work. I will continue to process some of the photos I got and will add any here that I think are nice. But for now you’ll have to make do without.

Well that is it for the butterflies and the lovely hidden Winspit. I spent a lot of my Saturday chasing these little guys and lugging around my gear, so I hope it was worth the effort. And if not, who cares? Me. That’s who.



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